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Up-the-Pipe Solutions - a best practice protocol

1 August, 2013
Up-the-Pipe Solutions - a best practice protocol. Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research. Publication number 8.


Our on-going research on biowaste like biosolids strongly indicates that chemical contaminants continue to accumulate in wastes. One major source of chemical contaminants in sewage effluent originates from products used regularly in a range of house activities. The Up-the-Pipe solutions project aims at reducing the level chemical micro-contaminants in waste by characterising the risk of active chemical ingredients found in household products. This approach recognises the importance of engaging the community to raise awareness around the consequences of our household activities and daily behavioural patterns that can lead to the release of persistent contaminants in main waste streams such as kitchen, bathroom and green wastes. This Best Practice Protocol is an attempt to develop a process that will facilitate the uptake of the research outcomes and assist the community to use more sustainable products in their homes.