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International mobility fund activity report: Broader uses of the zebrafish model in ecological risk assessment (ERA)

18 October, 2012
Cawthron Report 2249. Prepared for Royal Society of New Zealand.


The previous visit to Dr Thomas Braunbeck's Ecotoxicology Laboratory at the University of Heidelberg in August 2011 provided the opportunity to familiarise myself with the research group and was mainly focused on technical aspects and learning the zebrafish fish embryo toxicity (FET) assay financed by FRG11-26. This second visit was to continue to build the partnership with Dr Braunbeck but also to meet with other key organisations with ecotoxicology expertise and capability around the Heidelberg region.

The main objectives of the visit were:

  • Meet with potential PhD candidate Svenja Böhler to confirm her intentions to conduct a NZ/Germany based research project and to develop a funding strategy.
  • Visit key organisations from local and national government authorities, industry and consultancies involved in ecotoxicology and sustainable management.
  • Discuss the results from the tests conducted on New Zealand sediment samples.
  • Identify and discuss opportunities to support future New Zealand and Germany collaborative ecotoxicology research projects.