Tim Harwood

Marine Toxin Chemist & Safe New Zealand Seafood programme leader


  • PhD. Otago University, 2008
  • MSc (Hons). University of Canterbury, 2002
  • BSc. University of Canterbuy, 1999

Role at Cawthron

Tim is a marine toxin chemist and co-leader of the Safe New Zealand Seafood research programme. His research interests include natural toxin accumulation in food gathered from both marine and terrestrial environments.

Tim’s specialist areas of expertise include analysis of marine toxins, analytical method development and validation, natural product isolation and structural elucidation. He completed his post-graduate degrees at University of Canterbury and Christchurch School of Medicine before taking a position at Sydney's ANZAC Research Institute, establishing novel liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry methods to accurately measure endogenous steroid levels from blood and tissue.

Since joining Cawthron in 2010, Tim has worked on projects investigating several natural toxins that are known to contaminate food, including those found in New Zealand honey (tutin and pyrrolizidine alkaloids) and shellfish (paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins). He maintains active research links with the ANZAC Research Institute, on projects associated with the analysis of androgens and estrogens.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Natural toxin isolation and quantitation
  • Antioxidant and steroid analysis

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Publication links

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