Find out more about the people behind Cawthron Institute.

Meagan Turner

Fundraising Advisor


B.A. (Honours) of Psychology and Environmental Studies, Warren Wilson College, USA 2011

Role at Cawthron

As Cawthron Foundation’s Fundraising Advisor, Meagan works with the community on raising awareness of the Cawthron Institute and providing community engagement opportunities. Meagan works closely with the Foundation Manager to attract donations to fund the Institute’s ongoing independent research and capital projects. 

The Foundation’s goal is to raise Cawthron’s profile and build a self-sustaining Development Fund through outreach activities aimed at potential donors and sponsors, businesses, charities and educators.

Meagan’s role includes providing science education opportunities. She runs the Foundation scholarship programme and the Year 13 Biology mussel workshops at the Cawthron Aquaculture Park.

Technical skills, experience and interests

Meagan has an eclectic career background – she has worked in the fields of Psychology, Enviromental Education, and  Eco-Tourism. Meagan is passionate about the intersect between environment, psychological well-being, and sustainability. She has weaved these passions into her career and enjoys connecting the Cawthron Institute to the larger New Zealand community.

+64 3 548 2319 ext 413