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Eric Goodwin

Data Scientist – Analytics and Visualisation


  • BSc (Hons, Biochemistry). Otago University, 1997

Role at Cawthron

Eric combines skills in scientific analysis and computing with a rigorous and critical analytical technique, and an ability to communicate to audiences with varied familiarity of a topic.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Complex system behaviour
  • Modelling life systems and generating behaviour
  • Low impact solutions/green technologies
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Ecosystems structure and behaviour
  • Software development
  • Origin and thermodynamics of life
  • Introduction of sustainability initiatives
  • Development of framework for assessment of aquaculture sustainability
  • Physical oceanographic monitoring of a world heritage site
  •  A modelling architecture for subcellular processes to reduce animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Image analysis software for finfish and shellfish quality control systems
  • Signal transduction models contributing to cancer treatment research
  • Behaviour generation technologies for artificial-life protagonists of a popular computer game
  • Genetic transformation of an ornamental species to modify floral pigmentation

Publication links

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