Research programmes for public good science.

At Cawthron we're incredibly proud of our science and our scientists.

In true New Zealand style, we punch above our weight producing world-class independent research and practical solutions that make a real impact on peoples' lives every day.

Cawthron Institute's earliest work played a pivotal role in understanding soils and crop production in our developing nation. In recent years Cawthron has specialised in protecting and enhancing freshwater and marine environments and finding solutions for the sustainable development of our natural resources.

Our talented teams of scientists need your support to develop practical solutions to the challenges that face future generations.

Cawthron Foundation is seeking unrestricted gifts for general research purposes or designated gifts supporting an area of interest to you, or your organisation:

  • Freshwater ecology 
  • Coastal and marine ecology 
  • Safe sustainable food supplies 
  • Biodiversity (endangered species) 
  • Scholarships and Fellowships

How you can help

You can give directly through our website or you may wish to support one of our endowment funds. If you have a special area of interest, you may wish to initiate a new project or a new endowment fund. Please contact us to discuss.

Further information

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Jellyfish – Photo: Tracey Richardson