Payroll Giving.

Donate to Cawthron Foundation through Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving gives you the opportunity to donate to Cawthron Foundation direct from your pay, and to receive immediate tax credits that reduce your PAYE payable.

If your donation is more than $5, you receive a third of the donation amount as an immediate tax rebate. So, if you donate $15 to Cawthron Foundation through payroll giving, you will only have a $10 reduction in your take-home pay.

Cawthron Foundation is an IRD approved Payroll Giving donee, so all you need to do to set up Payroll Giving is give your employer (usually your HR team or Payroll Advisor/Administrator):

  • Our organisation name, which is The Cawthron Foundation
  • The amount of the donation you want to make per pay period
  • The pay period, or periods, you want the donation to be made
  • Our bank account details, which are: Cawthron Foundation, BNZ 02 0704 0127683 00

More information on Payroll Giving is available on the IRD website.

Mapua channel – Photo: Alaric McCarthy