We have a genuine commitment to valuing our greatest asset – our people.

At Cawthron we offer a work culture that is unique, supportive and the envy of other organisations. This is because we know it's our people who make us successful, so we make sure they're looked after.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!

Our people

Break times see the cafeteria filled with people from a variety of nations: China, Poland, the United States, France, Australia, Germany, England, Italy and more. Oh, and a few Kiwis too! We have a workforce of close to 200 – a highly valued mix of experience, perspectives, skills and expertise.

Our demographics reflect real life and has a 'family' feel, with staff aged from 17 to 90.

Our culture 

We achieve a balance between being a relaxed, friendly workplace and still committing to professionalism and excellence in all that we do.

Cawthron is a very welcoming place and our staff have a real sense of belonging. Our people are treated with respect, the importance of their family and health is recognised, and their professional aspirations are supported.

We also love our sport and exercise, with triathletes, cyclists, tae kwon do and multi-sport champions all represented. If you enjoy a particular sport or activity, you are almost guaranteed to find someone with a similar interest here.

Listen to Jonathan talk about the RACE (one of Cawthron's well-being initiatives)

Staff wellbeing is taken seriously, with life and income protection insurance benefits for eligible employees, a professional employee assistance programme and a strong commitment to health and safety.

Staying true to our purpose

We are not a government department and we do not have shareholders. As New Zealand's largest, independent science organisation, we operate within a unique structure that enables us to offer a pragmatic, unbiased service. This means that as a scientist you can be focused on delivering impartial results for customers.

Proven innovative success

Cutting-edge science is part of the Cawthron DNA. Our blend of long-term scientific research and commercial and analytical work creates very real opportunities to get involved in interesting, ground-breaking areas of science that reflect the interests of our scientists and the needs of the clients we work for.

Realising potential

This is an inspirational learning environment where you will work alongside scientists of national and international repute. We create opportunities to enable our staff to realise their potential and achieve career aspirations, and we have an ongoing strategic commitment to constantly improving learning and development opportunities.

Our global perspective

We work with scientists, commercial clients and research organisations from throughout the world. Adding to our international partnerships are the many visitors, guest workers and students who join the Cawthron family each year from around the globe. All of this contributes to our cultural diversity, and helps to spread our connections on a global scale.

Stunning location

Both of our work locations - our main offices and laboratories in Nelson City, and the nearby Cawthron Aquaculture Park (pictured above), sit alongside a natural playground of sea, forest and mountains. Lunch times and commuting provide great opportunities to enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery - even the occassional pod of orca whales!