Cawthron scientists share their career stories.

Dr Jonathan Puddick
Analytical biochemist

PhD (Chemistry), MSc (Molecular Biology), BSc (Biology & Psychology).
Role at Cawthron: Technical consultant for Analytical Services

Jonathan specialises in mass spectrometry. His job involves developing new and better ways to analyse a range of compounds using state-of-the-art LC-MS mass spectrometers.

“I enjoy science because it’s like solving a huge puzzle, fitting multiple pieces of evidence together to get a more complete picture.”

Before Cawthron, he worked for the Waikato Mass Spectrometry Facility at the University of Waikato while completing his PhD on the structural characterisation of new microcystins; a prevalent group of cyanobacterial toxins. Read Jonathan's full profile.


Dana Clark
Marine ecologist
BSc (Zoology), MSc (Marine Science)
Role at Cawthron: Marine ecologist in the Coastal ecology and management team

Dana specialises in management and ecology of soft sediment ecosystems and the assessment of aquaculture’s environmental impacts.

“I enjoy the applied side of things – being able to solve problems and provide advice that people actually need. The best part is doing the fieldwork and being out in the ocean. At Cawthron, I also enjoy being surrounded by lots of people with similar interests to myself.”

Science has taken Dana around the world: from Antarctica to the Cook Islands, Costa Rica and Tobago. During her travels she taught marine biology on a catamaran, worked with sea turtles and mapped coral reefs. Her research also allowed her to explore her own backyard, where one of the highlights was diving in the pristine waters of Fiordland. Read Dana’s full profile.


Dr Jonathan Banks
Molecular taxonomist
PhD (Evolutionary Biology), MAppSc (First Class Hons, Behavioural Ecology), BPharm.
Role at Cawthron: Research scientist

Jonathan specialises in using genetics to assess water quality and trace the source of faecal contamination in water and shellfish.

He originally trained as a pharmacist but, after four years in the job, decided science was a better fit for his adventurous spirit. And he was right.

As a scientist he's worked on every continent, studying everything from penguin poo in Antarctica to lice in South America.

“I've even had a species of louse (Forficuloecus banksi) that lives on an Australian mulga parrot named after me!”

Read Jonathan's full profile.