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Cawthron Natural Compounds headed by Andy Selwood
13 May 2012

Cawthron Natural Compounds

While Cawthron's collection of microalgae has long served as a reference 'library' for scientists around the world, a new initiative sees Cawthron providing a solution for the global demand for biotoxins for use as analytical standards for monitoring programmes. 

It's Cawthron's ability to isolate specific compounds from algae grown and processed on site that is now being used to provide purified toxins to Universities and Research organisations around the world.

The Cawthron Natural Compounds (CNC) service is the result of work done by Cawthron's Andy Selwood in perfecting techniques for the consistent production of quality biotoxin reference material suitable for research and monitoring applications.

It's this expertise that allows CNC to culture large volumes of toxin-producing organisms and efficiently purify the bioactive compounds from them. Microgram to milligram quantities of toxin reference materials can then be provided quickly to customers.

One global customer, National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) has used some of CNC's unique marine biotoxins for production of their widely-used Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).

NRCC specializes in producing well-characterized calibration solutions and they are pleased with the product from CNC saying "we appreciate having access to their unique toxin products and have found these to be of very high quality."

CNC materials allow laboratories testing for shellfish toxins to calibrate their own secondary standards from well characterised starting material, providing a much needed service to laboratories and research organisations throughout the world.

This is now a growing business for Cawthron as more and more researchers, regulatory groups and commercial organisations are relying on CNC to meet their needs for obtaining biotoxin reference material.

These compounds are also of interest to pharmacological researchers. Cawthron is one of a handful of organisations in the world with the expertise to culture large volumes of these organisms and efficiently purify the bioactive compounds.

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