Tools and methods for pest management

Sea stars can be used to control biofouling on wharf piles

From simple tools to advanced technologies

Cawthron Institute has led the way in the development of tests, tools and treatment methods to manage marine pest incursions. 

Simple tools:

  • Plastic encapsulation of marine structures (e.g. marina pontoons, vessels) that have been colonised by pests
  • Hull cleaning devices that retain biofouling once removed from a vessel
  • Heat treatment of organisms that occur in vessel sea chests. Read more in news
  • Spraying/immersion of mussel seed stock in fresh water and using eco-friendly chemicals
  • Spraying/immersion of fishing, diving and other recreational equipment with household detergents to prevent incursions into Fiordland
  • BioBullets (fat-coated capsules containing salt-based toxins) developed in collaboration with Dr David Aldridge from the University of Cambridge

Advanced technologies:

  • Development and testing of natural anti-fouling compounds
  • Super-hydrophobic plasma-polymerised coatings to prevent biofouling
  • Elicitor compounds to turn on natural anti-fouling defences in cultured mussels
  • The use of indigenous organisms for biological control

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