Shellfish health assessment

Cawthron's pathology team work on a variety of molluscan species to ensure they are healthy and disease-free.

Shellfish health is an important factor in the success of any aquaculture operation.

Cawthron's pathology team have extensive experience in assessing the well-being and disease status of New Zealand molluscs.  

Commonly examined shellfish:

  • Greenshell™ mussels
  • oysters
  • scallops
  • geoducks
  • paua
  • clams

We also work on a range of other New Zealand molluscs, as well as crustaceans, finfish and seaweeds.

Our investigation process includes gross examination of specimens, microscopy of fresh material, histopathology and sometimes we will recommend molecular techniques such as PCR.

For more information please contact:

Dr Steve Webb, senior scientist aquaculture pathology.


Pathology Examination Request Form.

Important: If you suspect the presence of exotic pests or diseases in aquatic organisms (wild or farmed), Cawthron Institute recommends that you contact the Ministry for Primary Industries as soon as possible. Phone 0800 80 99 66.

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