Analytical Science news

30 November 2018

Leading edge expertise to help dairy industry

Cawthron Institute is well known for its work in supporting the aquaculture industry, but many are unaware that its leading-edge expertise in analytical research and development, and food safety product testing is applied to other industries as well.

 Dairy processing company Synlait has used this capability to provide product development support and specialised finished product testing for approximately 10 years.

Recently, Cawthron scientists extended their work with Synlait on a special project with Synlait’s chemistry team to assist with setting up and validating complex in-house testing capability to meet IANZ ISO17025 standards.  

The Cawthron scientists were able to come on site and work alongside Synlait staff, and the Cawthron team’s level of technical expertise impressed Synlait’s Lab Manager Purnima Devi.

“Cawthron was very responsive and has done a fantastic job helping us to validate our LC-MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) methods for a number of small molecule metabolites that are difficult to measure in milk. The Cawthron team did it all in a period of  three months.”

These tests are important for the quality control of the high value nutritional products that Synlait produces for export. 

Having the ability to do the majority of the company’s product release testing in-house will have a real impact for Synlait in terms of its ability to quickly provide high-value finished product to customers in a marketplace that requires speed and responsiveness.

In addition, Cawthron continues to provide a valuable contract testing service to ensure Synlait’s products meet market access requirements.

“I’m very impressed by the way Cawthron deliver,” says Devi. “We’ve been working with them for a long time now and it feels good to know that they have got the expertise to do the job.”

For Synlait, there is huge value in the fact that the service they require is available within New Zealand and that they don’t have to go offshore to meet their testing requirements and access technical expertise.

“Cawthron can handle the volume of testing we need and the technical support it can provide through its Analytical R&D team is impressive.”