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Maria Orozco Coleman at the Food Expertise Expo
6 December 2017

Food Expertise Expo draws a varied crowd

The Food Expertise Mini-Expo at Cawthron Institute attracted quality managers, marketers, and business owners, all interested to hear the offering from different local food industry professionals.

Cawthron hosted the event to showcase the variety of talent present in the region. Themes included market access, product development, and the need for targeted communications.

Cawthron Analytical Services Business Development Manager Augusta Van Wijk opened the evening and introduced some of the team behind the scenes. The Analytical Services Group is over 90 people strong, with each person contributing to the Institute’s reputation for timely and effective science services.

The speakers offer services that complement Cawthron’s expertise. SIS Training and Consulting Owner Martin Mongan covered the way advancements in technology is changing the delivery of food industry education, and highlighted Cawthron’s innovation strength with reference to aquaculture.

The speakers of the Food Tech Mini-Expo

The other speakers on the night were Julie North, Food Communications Consultant at Foodcom; Kathy Lloyd, Market Access Consultant at Waka Kuaka; Maria Orozco Coleman, Food Technology & Compliance Contractor; and Grant MacDonald, Food Science & Technology Consultant at MacDonald & Assoc.

The event rounds off a successful year for Cawthron’s Analytical Services. As consumer demand for nutritional information increases, so too does the need for quality food science. These are exciting times for the food industry. Cawthron is pleased to play an important role, supporting its customers to reach both domestic and international markets.

The event was hosted in conjunction with the NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology.

The Expo gave food industry professionals a chance to meet and greet their peers