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International attendees of the ICMSS 2017
9 June 2017

Dia Duit!

 Cawthron delegates have been in Ireland, keeping across the latest trends and food safety issues for the global industry.

The delegates attended the International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety (ICMSS) to share Cawthron’s work, and stay up-to-date with unusual and emerging shellfish risk factors.

Dr Tim Harwood was part of the Cawthron team and said the conference was a success.

“It was great to see the international conference was well attended by New Zealand industry, regulators, and science providers. No other country had this type of presence. By attending these events, we remain across relevant seafood safety issues and emerging trends.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the scope and quality of presentations, and of course, the famous Irish hospitality,” said Dr Harwood.

The ICMSS' programme included a field trip to a local mussel farm

The conference brought together experts from the world over, to exchange ideas, information and the most up to date findings in shellfish safety. It also provided an opportunity for delegates to review current technology and practise, while considering future prospects.

A strong Cawthron team attended the event:

The ICMSS 2017 was organised by the National University of Ireland and held at the Marine Institute in Galway. The next ICMSS will be in Mexico in 2019.