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Proper Crisps' owners Mina and Ned
6 December 2017

Cawthron and Crisps, a Proper Partnership

The sound of crunching potato crisps is not common in a science laboratory. But, it can be heard at Cawthron Institute. That’s because the Cawthron Analytical Services team works closely with New Zealand’s fastest growing snack company, Proper Crisps.

Proper Crisps are 100% natural, and their owners are on a mission to deliver crisps without compromise.

Cawthron has been working with the company since its inception back in 2007. The Institute carried out the original chemical analyses of their product for nutritional labelling purposes. Since then, they’ve supported the snack food company with chemistry testing and food safety services.

Proper Crisps Krisindra Cross – Quality Assurance & Food Control Plan Manager said working with Cawthron is, “Fantastic. They are always keen to help and ready to assist. We find that they respond promptly and provide us with accurate data that is clear and easy to understand.”

The Cawthron team has also transformed into informal taste testers from time to time, giving feedback on a new flavour or cooking trial. It’s no surprise that this is a job with many willing volunteers.

Proper Crisps continue to innovate and grow, having recently launched the new Garden Medley Crisps, made from kumara, carrot, parsnip and beetroot. These vege-crisps can now be found on supermarket shelves. They were a 2017 Finalist at the NZ Food Awards, but come crunch time, were beaten by their Proper Crisp rival, the Kumara Chipotle and Garlic crisps.

The complete crisp range is gluten, dairy, and vegan friendly, with no added MSG; catering well to the cravings of health conscious consumers. With vege-crisp popularity and consumer preference for eating better on the rise, the Proper Crisps range is destined to be a supermarket mainstay.

Cawthron looks forward to continuing to support their success.