Publications: Thomas Cawthron Memorial Lectures

Memorial lecture 1: The aims and ideals of the Cawthron Institute by Professor Thomas H Easterfield

1 July, 1917
A transcript of the first Thomas Cawthron Memorial Lecture.

The first annual memorial lecture was delivered at the Nelson School Music in July 1917 by Thomas Hill Easterfield, Professor of Chemistry at Victoria University College, Wellington, and the first Director of Cawthron Institute.

"It is seldom wise to assume the role of a seer, but so certain am I of the wisdom of the course upon which the Trustees are embarking that I foretell a brilliant future for this Institute.

The problems solved in it will lead to results of the greatest value to this city, to the Dominion, and to the human race.

Workers who have carried out these researches are destined to become scientific leaders with a world-wide reputation, and the Institute itself is to be a centre of light, learning, and culture, honoured throughout the civilised world, and a lasting tribute to the memory of Thomas Cawthron."

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