Iain McGrail

Technical Consultant - Research and Development

Note: Iain McGrail does not currently work at the Cawthron Institute.


  • Diploma of Dairy Technology. Massey University, 1990
  • New Zealand Certificate of Science (Food Chemistry). Waikato Polytechnic Institute, 1996

Role at Cawthron

Iain is a Technical Consultant in Cawthron Analytical Services' R&D team. He joined Cawthron in 2016 and brings a unique combination of practical, technical and analytical expertise in food chemistry, dairy manufacturing and technology to the role. He has a proven track record of taking analytical methods to market – from R&D and lab trials to IANZ registration, analytical staff training and technical support.

Iain has 20 years' experience working in internationally accredited laboratories, and has specialist expertise in R&D, validation and maintenance of analytical test methodologies. He has also worked for ten years in the dairy manufacturing sector on the commercial production of lipid products, proteins, milk powders, nutritional and paediatric formulae. That role saw him working alongside clients providing technical support on a range of instrumentation for formulators, technologists and manufacturers of high end dairy nutritional powders and ingredients.

Iain has also built and run his own recording studio and is passionate about all forms of art (with a particular weakness for 70's progressive rock).

Technical skills

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Method development and validation for GC, HPLC, UPLC and UPLC-MS/MS instrumentation
  • Experienced user and technical resource for chromatographic instrumentation
  • Trained auditor in ISO17025, IANZ accreditation requirements, and a specialist in dairy laboratory testing and quality systems
  • Operational, engineering and practical knowledge of dairy product and dairy ingredient manufacture

Publication links

+64 3 548 2319 ext 443