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Bob Dickinson


A passionate Nelsonian, Bob did a BSc at Canterbury University and then worked at the Department of Trade and Industry before moving into management positions in the manufacturing industry.

He went on to receive diplomas in management, business administration and industrial relations before moving home as CEO of the newly formed Tasman District Council, a position he held for 17 years. He was also a Director at Port Nelson Ltd for 13 years and Chief Executive of Tasman Bays Heritage Trust. He's the Chairman of the Cawthron Institute Trust Board and a member of the Nelson Marlborough Conservation Board.

Moving back to the region allowed Bob to pursue his passion for the outdoors, and in their spare time he and his wife love tramping, skiing, recreational boating, climbing and mountain biking.

Cawthron combines two of Bob's special interests – history and the great outdoors.

+64 3 548 2319 ext 390