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Cawthron's Seaweek 2016 panel discussion in action
7 April 2016

Listen now to our Seaweek Panel Discussion

For Seaweek 2016 Cawthron Institute presented a lively panel discussion exploring our relationship with the sea, including our impacts, our responsibilities and our opportunities. 

This free public event was a chance to hear more about the role of science in understanding our oceans, how science can help us manage our oceans, and how we can all make a positive contribution. Although it was the first time we'd held such an event – it was a full house!

The discussion was chaired by Cawthron scientist Nick King and featured three of Cawthron's leading scientists - Louis Tremblay, Chris Cornelisen and Serean Adams. It included audience interaction and a Q & A session. The discussion was recorded on podcast in three parts (introduction, discussion and Q & A). Listen below.